Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why blog? Why now?

Using the internet and web 2.0 technology as a tool for communication and action is always a work in progress. Those who grow up in the milieu have a distinct advantage over those of us who entered as adults. Regardless, I'm convinced that jumping in -- experimenting, taking care, thinking of and trying new uses -- is a good way to go. The tool is too ubiquitous and too powerful to ignore. Further, the alternative of playing the sidelines only raises the eventual barrier to entry. The whole situation seems a lot like learning to swim or acquiring a new language -- gotta jump in and be willing to be a learner (even one who sometimes looks a little silly). With that said, let the blogging begin ... what comes up in my own little world of education, politics, and community engaged, action oriented scholarship? We'll see. ...

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