Monday, February 15, 2010

missed the DC snow

Today is Monday 2/15 and I've been in Austin (i.e. home) since late last Tuesday night. The trip was courtesy of the huge snowstorm that hit DC last week. I had been in Cape Canaveral for the last night time launch of the Space Shuttle (amazing experience) but had become stuck there, which might sound great except that I wasn't there for vacation, wasn't there with family, and didn't have deep enough pockets (or credit) to keep paying for the hotel, food and rental car. Mom gave good advice when she admonished to simply "go home!" I was on a plane to Austin within 4 hours of that sage advice.

In the time I've been home I've been able to spend time with the kids, help my wife around the house, and do a lot of meeting and planning work for ICUSP going into 2010-2011.

Tomorrow I fly back to DC. If it is not too late, I'll still be working on highlights -- looking through funded projects in my program area at NSF and creating one page sheets that share some of the positive findings and activities of the various projects.

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