Saturday, February 25, 2012

Guilty Pleasure: Following the Republican Primaries.

Yes, it's true, I record the Republican primary debates. I record them, and I watch them, and when they are particularly juicy, I watch them again. It's not that I am a masochist; it's just that the whole Republican primary season has been really, really funny. I am having an absolute blast watching this protracted affair play out.  You would think that it is hard to keep up the hilarity now that folks like Cain, Perry and Bachmann have bowed out, but the reality is that even as the field whittles down, the remaining candidates work hard to keep me entertained. I appreciate that.

This week, Romney was my favorite. From "I love the perfect height of your trees," to "I love your finger lakes," to "I love your cars," his suck-ups have been a hoot. Gem of the week: “I like the fact that most of the cars I see are Detroit-made automobiles. I drive a Mustang and a Chevy pick-up truck. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs.”

Utterances like this show him expertly walking a fine line... how to be really funny, while also making sure that people really, really dislike you.

Romney strategists worked overtime to manufacture this
horrible an image for their guy's powerhouse campaign. 
It is clear that their goal is not to win an election, but rather to keep me amused. They are doing a great job. I only wish we could add another month between now and the Republican convention. I don't want the hilarity to end.

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